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Northeast Florida Women Veterans is the Voice of Women Veterans equipped with the vision and resources to help bridge the gaps in service. We are your “Safe Space” so come and see what we have to offer!

Our Challenge

At Northeast Florida Women Veterans, we recognize that many women veterans transition well and go on to be very successful in their lives. There are also women veterans who have not handled transition well or things have happened beyond their control and now find themselves needing a little help. Our staff is dedicated to help meet those needs. Women are the fastest-growing community of military veterans. As veterans, we are subject to the same challenges as our male counterparts: PTSD, MST, high divorce rate, health issues, and even homelessness. The challenges for women, goes beyond that. Often childcare, domestic violence, gender discrimination, and other issues, push our needs beyond the normal transition challenges. Only in recent years have the VA placed more emphasis on the unique needs of women who served. Only recently has community agencies began to look at services needed for this demographics. We are working daily with community partners to ensure that women veterans are no longer the “Invisible veterans.”

Our Charge

Here in Florida, we serve the second-largest population of women veterans in America, with Duval County as the largest in the state of Florida. We sincerely believe in our Core Mission to help set the standard for providing personalized care and emergency resources to the women who have served and continue to serve our country.

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Giving is so easy when you can see the value of our work. Your contribution either goes directly to our programs (if restricted) or 60% goes to programs. What happens with the rest? We ensure the rent is paid and the lights are on so that our programs can be ran in a safe and clean environment. We pay staff who are trained, passionate, and ready to help our women veterans excel. We keep our phones on so that women in distress can contact us. Yes, it is called overhead but you must know that programs cannot function without it. Help us keep these programs going. Donate today. How can you give?

Northeast Florida Women Veterans

Providing personalized care and emergency resources to the women who have and continue to serve our country