Thank you for your interest in our Signature program, HerTOTALWellness .

We are so proud of our HerTOTALWellness program! Developed in 2017, HerTOTALWellness is a 6-week program designed to empower women veterans on their path to self-sufficiency by addressing their holistic needs. It is focused on three primary domains of wellness: Body, Mind, and Economic Empowerment. Sign up here .


Empowerment of the BODY > Self-Care, Nutrition & Health, Yoga | Empowerment of the MIND > Stress management, Journaling, Group, Therapeutic Art | and, ECONOMIC Empowerment > Financial Literacy, Employment Preparation, Dress for Success, Community Resources | And more!


  • Scheduled topics encourage continuous personal and professional development
  • Fun, self-care workshops like therapeutic art and yoga
  • Gain access to a plethora of benefits and resources unique to women veterans
  • Connect with and create new friendships with other women veterans
  • Connect with our skilled facilitators to access new networks
  • Attend scheduled retreats (as available)

All of this is provided at no cost to the Veteran thanks to our amazing community partners and supporters.

Her Total Wellness

If you are a woman who served in any branch of the US Military — Active Duty, National Guard, or Reserve — submit your application today!

Length of time served or discharge status does not matter.

Daughters of veterans (ages 18-25) are also eligible and encouraged to take advantage of this life-altering program. Must be a Florida resident.

Submit your application now at https://forms.gle/ZniNN2JGiE1DJhpY8

Contact Sharleen Deary at htw@forwomenvets.org or (904) 201- 9183 for more info.

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